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Trase Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection

At Trase Ce­ramic Coating & Paint Protection, we aren't just skille­d professionals in car care - our true passion lie­s in preserving the be­auty of your vehicle. Located in Brisbane­, we specialize in applying high-quality ceramic coatings and paint protection films. Our dedication is to de­liver unparalleled prote­ction and a long-lasting shine for your car. You can trust us to maintain your vehicle's pristine­ appearance year afte­r year.

What's Included In Our Ceramic paint Protection Service?

At Trase Ce­ramic Coating & Paint Protection, our auto ceramic coating service­ goes beyond just a simple application. We­ follow a meticulous process to ensure­ the best possible re­sults for every vehicle­ we treat.

Our team of profe­ssional and trained installers starts with a thorough decon wash, followe­d by a paint decontamination using an iron remover and clay bar. For those looking for perfection, we also offe­r a professional paint correction to eliminate­ any swirls or scratches before applying the­ coating.

But we don't stop there - e­very installation includes a warranty and dedicate­d aftercare to ensure­ that your Feynlab coating delivers maximum pe­rformance and durability. We're committe­d to excellence­ at each step of the way.

Benefits Of Our Ceramic Paint Protection

Imagine a car that practically cleans itself; that's the magic of the self-cleaning properties of coatings. But it doesn't stop there. Our coatings provide robust protection against unsightly stains and etching, ensuring your vehicle remains pristine. And if it's a radiant shine you're after, our coatings deliver a hyper-glossy finish that's bound to turn heads. With every application backed by a solid warranty and boasting extreme durability, you can drive with confidence, knowing your car's beauty is preserved for the long haul.

A Freshly Waxed Look That LASTS FOR YEARS
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Ceramic coating Brisbane


The success, durability, and appearance of a coating are deeply rooted in the excellence of its application. Our team isn't just trained and experienced; we're genuinely devoted to the craftsmanship we infuse into every paint protection film, vinyl car wrap, or nano product installation.

Cars have always been our passion. Whether it's modifying, driving, racing, or detailing, vehicles have a cherished spot in our hearts. Our motivation stems from our desire to either maintain your vehicle's pristine appearance or rejuvenate its original finish. We cater to clients who value top-tier workmanship, whether they're opting for a basic coating or our premier Finest installation.

A Comprehensive look At Ceramic Coatings

What Are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are a type of advanced protectant for auto surfaces. Silicon dioxide (SiO2) constitutes the majority of these coatings, which react chemically with oxygen when exposed to it. This reaction produces a hard and transparent shield that covers the paintwork on your car. The main ingredient – silica – fills in microscopic pores thereby creating a smooth water-resistant barrier.

Ceramic coating installation on a Porsche


What makes ceramic coatings attractive is their ability to protect as well as give a shiny finish. Unlike conventional waxes or sealants, they provide a semi-permanent shield which can last for years instead of months.

Chemical resistance ensures that the shine stays longer on your vehicle while its sleek surface makes it hard for dirt and grime to stick; thus reducing how often cleaning needs to be done hence saving time and money.

Remember that applying nano-coatings demands accuracy and could take much time depending on complexity involved; therefore, sometimes it may be best seeking help from an expert even though this might cost more compared to using ordinary wax or sealant since such an investment guarantees top performance and safeguards your paint.

Ceramic paint protection being installed on Audi



Ceramic Coatings keep your car looking vibrant all the time. Even after one wash you will still notice that newly-waxed appearance on your vehicle.


When you coat the exterior part of your automobile with ceramics, chances are high that its resale worth shall skyrocket due to additional safeguarding against cosmetic damages. Though there is some initial buying plus application fee incurred here but over long run it helps in boosting or keeping up with current market prices for cars.


Anti-stick properties combined with water-repellent nature; these and other special attributes possessed by ceramic coatings are very effective when it comes to guarding cars against brake dust, dirt, bird droppings as well as acid rains or pollutants. Such contaminants never stick on any vehicle surface coated with this product thus reducing frequent washing needs hence saving on maintenance but still ensuring optimum condition of your ride.


Paints tend to fade away, discolor or peel off over years mainly because of oxidation resulting from exposure towards harsh weather conditions plus sunlight. Coatings form a protective layer that shields against UV rays which might cause quick fading while slowing down oxidization process.

In Brisbane there is concern about chemical staining due to acidic elements present within our surroundings; thus an application of Ceramic Car Coating creates resistance towards chemicals thereby minimizing potential harm caused by such contaminants.


The durability of ceramics varies depending on quality used and level care given during its lifetime. In most cases they can serve for between one up-to nine years although there could be slight deviations here and there. For example Feynlab has high silicon dioxide content hence offers strong protection ranging from 1 till 9 years; however do not forget that regular maintenance plays a vital role in extending life span for your coating.


Are you considering a professional ceramic coating for your vehicle? How much you’ll need to pay for this investment will vary based on factors like size and condition of the vehicle, number of layers applied, and what package you choose. Typically prices range from $599 to $3,000 or more.


Certified installers with specialized skills may charge higher fees but offer manufacturer warranty that uncertified pros don’t have.


Including paint correction in the process may drive up overall cost; however it can dramatically improve how your car looks and ensure optimal adhesion of the coating.


The size of your ride is another key price determinant when it comes to professional car coatings. Bigger vehicles take longer and require more product which equals greater expense.


Ceramic coatings have their cons just like any other product. Here are some of the most common disadvantages associated with ceramic coatings:


One disadvantage about ceramic coatings is that they can be expensive . You can spend a fortune getting them professionally done or even by all necessary supplies for DIY products and still break the bank. But keep in mind that these things provide long term protection so it might save some cash down there if we talk about re-applying often .


Cheap does not mean good when talking about coats! There are brands out there who dilute their stuff with chemicals that could stain or mar your paint job entirely while others will either damage paints during correction stages or vanish few years later without support if warranty claims arise then again cheap installers disappear too after sometimes causing damages . I’ve seen such cases countless times throughout my career as an installer working with various types of finishes including those requiring professionals’ touch ups only due lack thereof .

Audi after Adam's ceramic coating installation in Brisbane
Audi after Adam's ceramic coating installation in Brisbane

How To Maintain Your Ceramic Coating


As soon as you finish washing your car, it is important to dry it properly. Use clean, high-quality microfiber towels and pat the surface dry instead of rubbing. This gentle method will reduce the chances of scratching the ceramic coating.


If possible, minimize exposing your ceramic coated vehicle to extreme environmental conditions. Continuous contact with intense sunlight, bird droppings, tree sap or road salt may weaken the coat. Whenever your car touches these elements ensure they are cleaned promptly to avert any damages.


Frequent examinations on the ceramic coating can enable early detection of wearing out or damage signs at an initial stage. Check out for its typical hydrophobic properties – water beading; this shows that it is still in good condition. However if no bead forms when water is poured onto surface then consider having maintenance booster applied or take professional advice.


Apply maintenance booster after every few months on a ceramic coatings layer. These products rejuvenate them and make their protective features stronger again. But ensure to follow instructions given during application for maximum outcomes.


Despite being convenient, automatic washes can cause harm to your ceramic coat. The brushes used in these machines and chemicals can scratch or degrade the surface protection. If you cannot manually wash it then go for touchless car wash instead.


Detail sprays made especially for ceramics work well when dealing with light dirt or fingerprints. They are mild so as not damage the coat but still effective in cleaning


It's always a good idea to have your ceramic coating professionally inspected at least once a year. For example, Trase Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection can provide expert advice on the state of the coating and suggest any necessary reapplication.

Looking after your car's ceramic coating may seem like hard work but it is worth it for all the benefits you get in return. Regular gentle care not only keeps your vehicle looking amazing, but also ensures that its protective properties stay intact. By following these steps, you will ensure that people keep staring at your car and that it remains safe from weather conditions.


Ceramic coatings come in two forms: professional-grade and DIY versions. Both offer a lot of advantages although there are some differences between them which should be taken into consideration before making up one’s mind.


Professional-grade ceramics are famous for their high quality as well as extreme durability; they can give long-term safeguarding to paints against scratching or UV rays among other environmental threats.

Moreover, this type provides glossy finish thus enhancing cars’ appearances even further.

However, when compared with these types of brands, those made at home might lack some qualities such as being able to last longer while protecting vehicle finishes from fading due exposure towards sun light etc., but still give off nice shine if well applied on topcoats over basecoats like clear coats finished by waxes sealants polishes compounds etc..


If you want something cheaper then go for do-it-yourself kits because they cost less than hiring professionals who charge according to their level expertise required during installation process which takes time too much effort sometimes needs special skills knowledge tools equipment materials methods techniques safety precautions training experience certification licensing permits insurance coverage bonding warranty customer support satisfaction etc…

In terms of pricing; pro grade coatings are expensive in comparison with the DIY types. However, this is justified by its numerous benefits and long life. This should be done by anyone interested in keeping his/her vehicle’s color protected forever.

But on the other hand if someone wants to save money but still have some sort of protection then it would not hurt trying out these lower end options available.


Service based applicators need to take time applying each coat correctly so as get good results otherwise when rushed may cause more harm than good due lack proper skills required during such processes especially involving chemicals used under certain conditions like temperature humidity etc.. They can also be messy if not done right which will cost extra clean up supplies labor fees etc…

DIY ceramic coating kits can be very user friendly because they come complete with everything that one needs to apply them at home or anywhere else.

More extended protection could also not be offered by do-it-yourself kits as compared to professional ceramic coating installation.

It may require earlier reapplication if the protective layer wears off. In addition, products of the same high quality might not be used in do-it-yourself kits as they are in professional services which may affect how long-lasting or effective the ceramic coating is.

The Ultimate Paint Protection Solution: PPF

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an advanced automotive film that acts as a protective cover for the paint on our cars. This innovative technology entails a transparent, tough layer of thermoplastic urethane painted across surfaces of our vehicles.

The portions to be safeguarded depend on your preferences, such as bonnet, fender, mirrors and even fully wrapping it in the car’s body. The main purpose of this film is to keep our vehicle’s exterior in its original state to maintain its beauty since we first bought it.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

One of the most important advantages of Paint Protection Film is that it guards against small chips and scratches. In normal driving conditions, there are many hazards that our cars can be exposed towards including rocks and stones from road construction sites and other types of objects.

PPF is a sacrifice coat by absorbing these impacts thereby saving the base coat from damage. As such, we find solace in knowing that with regular use our car’s finish remains intact.

In addition to preventing physical harm., Paint Protection Film also has better resistance to stains caused by chemicals or contaminants from the environment. Some things like bird droppings falling on them while trees emit sap, bugs splatting onto them or salt for de-icing roads may ruin their coats.

Such pollutants can cause severe corrosion effects which are hard to eliminate leading to spots that will not go away at all hence leaving behind a permanent mark or blotch on any painted surface. By avoiding direct contact between these elements with paintwork,, PPF reduces chances for bonding onto paints so when cleaning time comes; it requires less effort than without it.

Additionally, Paint Protection Film adds value to our vehicles when we decide to resell them. Potential buyers often consider a well-maintained exterior that looks as if it has been pampered since day one, and this can fetch a higher price for the car.

PPF ensures that the original look of the automobile is preserved thus enhancing its beauty thereby making it more appealing when disposing it off in exchange for cash or another model. Given such an extra gain, one cannot say that buying this film at first is quite expensive as it happens to be a wise financial decision.

PPF also guards against ultra violet rays ensuring paint does not fade away due to sunlight exposure for quite a long time. Over time, UV lights can destroy the paintwork on cars resulting in discoloration and dull appearance. Regardless of how much time they spend outside, we will always have fresh-looking vehicles with PPF applications in place.


In terms of maintaining a car’s paintwork in its original state there are two common ways that can be followed that are Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film (PPF). Even though each of them ensures the protection of the exterior of your vehicle, there is a significant functional difference between them as well as the level of protection accorded. Let us get into details so that we can know what suits you best.


Made from polymer material which has self-healing properties and resistant to staining, PPF offers strong defense against physical damages. It mainly focuses on preventing stone chips, scuffs and other road debris from damaging your cars paintwork.

Under heat such as sunlight or warm water minor scratches can disappear by themselves due to self healing capabilities possessed by PPF.

Nevertheless it should be understood that while PPF is highly effective when it comes to safeguarding against physical damage caused by external objects; keeping up with maintenance becomes harder than expected because this requires much effort than washing a car wrapped in ceramics where droplets easily wiped off after coming into contact with water.

Black Mercedes-Benz undergoing paint protection film installation on fender


But when it comes to ceramic coating, it’s a whole new ball game. Even though it may not guard against stone chips as effectively as PPF does, what it lacks in that department is made up elsewhere.

In fact, this type of car treatment specializes more on maintaining the everyday look of your vehicle than anything else. The coating makes a surface hydrophobic which means you don’t have to spend hours washing your car anymore and it stays cleaner for a longer period of time too. Also, let me set the record straight – you don’t have to sand down your car if you want to remove the ceramic coating.

You can polish it out using heavy cut compound instead. This should make things easier for people who like changing their vehicles’ protection frequently.


But here’s where things get interesting – these aren’t mutually exclusive options at all! For those petrolheads who want nothing but absolute best for their cars there is a way to combine PPF with ceramic coating which will give you ultimate protection against everything including scratches and swirl marks.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that you can put PPF on certain areas such as front bumper or hood (because they are most vulnerable) and use ceramic coating everywhere else on the vehicle. This combo ensures physical defense against chips & scuffs as well as glossy always-clean appearance.


Finally, choosing between PPF and ceramic coating really depends on what kind of person you are – do you prefer short-term or long-term solutions? If you’re looking for something that will stay intact throughout many years then go ahead and invest in some good quality paint protection film because it does wonders against stone chips among other things too. But if simplicity counts more than anything else then I suggest going with nano-ceramic coatings like CarPro Cquartz – they’re easy to apply, last for up to 3 years and provide excellent shine.

Outstanding Vinyl Car Wrapping in Brisbane

What are vinyl car wraps?

Vinyl car wraps are basically thin, adhesive films that are installed on the outside of an automobile. They protect the existing paintwork and can transform its look into something completly new.

Types of Vinyl Wraps

The vinyl wrap comes in various finishes which include gloss, matte, satin, chrome and more. It can also be used for colour change wraps where the entire original colour is hidden.

Benefits of Car Wraps

Protection: Car wrap has several merits such as protecting against scratching or contact with ultra violet light or other environmental factors that may damage the clear-coat.

Resale Value: On top of this, they allow easy removal keeping resale value intact.

Cost Savings: Vinyl wraps are significantly cheaper than a full respray at a bodyshop.

The Car Wrapping Process

Our goal is to provide superior vehicle wrapping services using only premium materials. Meanwhile our team takes care to ensure your vehicle is both protected and looks great throughout its life. Here we explain how our car wrapping process works:

Preparation and Cleaning

Firstly we clean every part of the car before applying any coverings to it. This includes getting rid off any dusts or stains from its surface completely by washing until there remains nothing like dirty mark on it.

We use high-quality cleaning products and techniques to ensure that the surface is spotless and free of impurities.

Application Techniques

After your car has been thoroughly cleaned and made ready, we install the vinyl wrap applying modern methods of installation.

Our skilled staff members are well trained in applying the coverings in a way as to ensure proper fitting without any bubbles or creases.

Finishing Touches

Finally, we give attention to twiddling with everything regarding your newly installed vinyl wrapping film.

These include adjusting edges until they fit perfectly, as well as giving them an additional layer aimed at protecting from scratch marks, scuffing, or damage incurred by stones hitting them.

Maintenance and Care

Your car wrap must be taken care of so that it will serve you for many years without losing its beauty.

It is advisable to wash your vehicle regularly using car soap and water while avoiding strong chemicals or rough materials during the wash.

Additionally, whenever one notices any peeling or unusual wear & tear to the film, it is important to contact your car wrapper to get it repaired before the peeling worsen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors that can change the cost for a professional car wrap in Brisbane?

Several factors contribute to the variation in cost of a professional car wrap in Brisbane.

These include vehicle size, design intricacy and the brand of vinyl employed as well.

Moreover, experience and expertise of the installer is another factor which will affect the final price.

Our company offers transparent pricing and we work with our customers to find a solution that works within their budget.

How long does a car wrap last in Queensland climate?

The life expectancy of a car wrap used in Queensland climate varies on several conditions such as quality of vinyl used, how clean it is and how much sunlight hits it directly from above.

Ideally, a properly fitted car wrap should take about 5 years to wear off in this region. However, proper maintenance can extend this period even further than anyone would imagine.

Which are some highly rated services for Car Wrapping in Brisbane?

There are several reputable companies offering such service. Nonetheless we consider ourselves one of the best-rated vehicle wrapping services around here.

Our experts use top-notch materials (vinyl) and employ current installation techniques to make sure everything looks modestly presentable.

We also have other options like complete or partial wrapping, color changing and custom designs among others.

Is it legal to get your vehicle wrapped in Australia?

In Australia, it is acceptable to have covered cars provided as long as they don’t interfere with vision by obstructing the driver’s view or with the vehicles lights.

Again, such vinyl must meet Australian standards.

At our company, we only work with materials that are compliant with Australian guidelines and make sure that all wraps done for our clients observe all legal requirements.

How does paint protection film (PPF) compare to vinyl car wraps?

Paint protection film (PPF) and vinyl car wraps have different roles altogether.

PPF shields the paint on a vehicle from scratches, chips and other forms of harm

In contrast, Vinyl Car Wraps are mostly used for enhancing aesthetics like changing colors or personalizing designs.

While PPFs can be put together with vinyl car wraps, they should never be seen as substitutes for one another.

This is why; you will find services on both PPFs and vehicle wrapping at Trase Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection

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